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November 5, 2013


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Some of you have been asking about that lovable idiot Cal and I know some of you want to include him in your Skins Holiday Contest Fanfic entries. So here's a little bit more about him.

Under My Skin 38 - If It Quacks Like A Duck by LJ-Phillips

Background: Cal was born in Deadfall, a very isolated, rural Skins territory. His father was crippled in the last human/supernatural war and retreated into bitter alcoholism  He provided little in the way for Cal as a role model - his only contributions to Cal's upbringing was the occasional drunken beating and long, rambling lectures on how Smokes let the Skins down in the war. Cal's mother was a professional martyr - she took care of her husband, provided for the kids and is a mistress of that deadly art, the guilt-trip. She can make Cal feel guilty and neglectful with a single phone call. 

Cal was desperate to get out of Deadfall, which is why he joined the Coven.

Joining The Dog Squad: The Dog Squad normally recruits from seasoned Coven soldiers. However, Cal came to Tyr's attention in a rather unique way. Cal got into a fight with a much bigger recruit, Mord (who was teasing him about being Deadfall trash) and won it easily. Impressed,Tyr decided to give Cal a chance. I wonder if he regrets his decision now?

 *Cal is the youngest member of the current Dog Squad.
* Rabbit does not like Cal at all. Cal's quite dismissive of Smokes in general. When sober, Rabbit is very cool and professional with Cal, an Elite soldier dealing with a raw recruit. However, when he's drunk, Rabbit get outrageously flirtatious. Much to Cal's discomfit.
*In an attempt to impress his Squad, Cal's lied about sleeping with Jordan. Let's just hope it doesn't back-fire on him.
*Cal has a twin. Yes, we'll meet his sibling later in the comic ;)

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How'd I miss this one?
i love the backround pieces
they truly help to get into the mind of the character

*Cal told his squad he slept with JORDAN?
oh the poor kid, he is in so much trouble...let's see, from Vinnie, Tyr, Rabbit, and Jordan herself, and his squadmates
he really needs someone to take him under their wing, protect him
LJ-Phillips Dec 8, 2013  Professional
Ah, thanks so much, my friend :hug:
I'm so glad they do.
Cal is an interesting character, he really is.

Yep, poor insecure Cal. Trying so hard to impress the other Skins Roll Eyes 
And we still have to see him interact with Rabbit (when Rabbit's sober.) When sober, Rabbit's very cool and distant with Cal  but flirts outrageously with him with drunk. 
Don't worry, he will get someone to do that ;)
I'd like to see more of Cal. His bumbling youth is endearing, and I hope you give him someone who will love him as well as teach him, not like RACHEL!

you do realize that I'm addicted now, and will need regular doses of your world to be okay, seriously...gotta have it...Skins....I need Skins...I need Under My Skins....

LJ-Phillips Dec 11, 2013  Professional
We'll be seeing more of him, I promise :D And he does get someone to guide him, much to Rabbit's annoyance.

Well, at least Skins addiction doesn't have side effects :lol: And Skins is 100% organic, with no additives :D I'll do my best to update regularly and feed your addiction. I really think that's one of the nicest compliments I've ever been paid :hug: 
you are welcome
and thanks for the fix...I loved today's "Skins":hug:
redshasta Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Few more questions...

What's Caliban's full name? Do Skins have family names? What's his brother's name and does he have any other siblings?

How did he get into the Coven? Did he just leave home and show up or are there Coven recruiters?
LJ-Phillips Nov 8, 2013  Professional
Ah, good questions. Some I can answer. Some I can't due to spoilers :)

Skins' last names tend to based on territory they hail from. Generally one extended pack would occupy a territory (Skins were highly territorial.) Any new blood marrying into the pack would adopt their last name. So Cal would be Cal Deadfall. 

However, after the war and the loss of over 90% of the Skin territories, most Skins just go by their first names. 

Ah, I don't want to give too much away about that because they'll be a strip on it later. The name of Cal's twin is Cel. Cal and Cel, I know right?

Cal encountered Coven soldiers several times in his life. The first time when he was seven and there was an outbreak of the Plague not far from Deadfall. Skins can't get sick but his family was still visited by Coven soldiers warning them to stay indoors until the Warps were dispatched. 

The second time was when he was 14 and saw a bar fight between several locals and two Coven soldiers, who took them all down. After that, Cal was set on joining the Coven. So he basically left home after a terrible fight with his father and never looked back. I'm working on a strip covering his disastrous visit home.

redshasta Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks!  I'm flirting with a fanfic of Cal's leaving home and this gives me ammo.  :D  I don't think it'll be ha-ha funny, but I'm hoping to jerk emotional strings.  I've been reading Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell and it's how I kind of imagine Cal's family life to be... kind of like the poor Ozarks families - riddled by poverty, ignorance, abuse and drug/alcohol addiction... but fiercely loyal to their own and unleashed hell on outsiders.  
FreakieGeekie Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So that's why he basically worships Tyr.
LJ-Phillips Nov 6, 2013  Professional
Oh yes, he sees (or saw) Tyr as this strong male role model. Of course, Tyr being bi doesn't fit into his view of him. 
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