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July 22, 2013
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Skins wallpaper 3: Iron Lady by LJ-Phillips Skins wallpaper 3: Iron Lady by LJ-Phillips
Regarding the whip*:

Jordan: C'mon, let me just try it out. Rabbit swears by this sort of thing.
Vinnie: You ain't using that **king thing on me. No way.
Jordan: How do you know you won't enjoy it until you let me try?
Vinnnie:No -Frigging -Way!

So sadly, it looks like the whip didn't get used but at least she still had a good time anyway :giggle: Despite Vinnie's common response being "no way in hell", Jordan's always suggesting extras for the bedroom - y'know, body chocolate, handcuffs, Rabbit - that sort of thing ;)

Feel free to check out more "Under My Skin" as well as the main story-line Skins

*Technically it's a Flail or Flogger, not a whip. However, as most people may not know that, I simply referred to it as a whip.

Under My Skin and Skins © and ™ LJ Phillips 2013. Skins, concepts and all related characters are copyright and trademarks of LJ Phillips. Fanart and fanfic is welcome as long as you include a disclaimer and it's non-profit.
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It's always nice to see some of the dialogue that goes on behind Vinnie and Jordan's bedroom door. I can just imagine Rabbit on the couch, half-asleep, one ear cocked up and twitching at their door to listen in on what they're saying. And Vinnie's denial is so cuuuuute!

And of course, Jordan is quite sexy. I love the scars along her belly and arm; are we ever going to know how she got them? Scars are one of my favorite forms of body-art, so if there's a story behind these, I'd love to hear it.

One tiny point of contention, which I'm unsure if anyone else has pointed out. What she's holding in her right hand is a Flogger, not a Whip. It can also be called a Flail, according to my roommate (not the skull-crushing medieval kind, obviously), but it's not a whip. Just FYI. ^^;
LJ-Phillips Oct 29, 2013  Professional
I thought it's nice to hear what goes on behind closed doors :lol: And yep, Rabbit was probably lying on the couch, trying to listen in. He's never had a real sense of their need for privacy or personal space :lol: When Rabbit was a teen and the older Vinnie's girls used to visit the squat they shared, Rabbit used to throw real tantrums when he was chucked out and told to "go take a long walk!" Ah, and what will it be like it the situations reversed one day? Vinnie locked out the quarters by a furious Jordan and crashing on Rabbit's couch, much to the intense annoyance of Tyr (who was intending to get laid.) It's something we'll be seeing in a future strip =P (Razz)
Heh, Vinnie has his moments of cute, despite being a hulking behemoth :)

Oh yes, I think scars can look alluring in the right circumstances, especially when they've been won honorably. We'll learn their back story, I promise ;)

You're absolutely right! However, not everyone knows the classification so avoid confusing, I supplemented the more common word "whip." But I've included a little extra in the description to clarify for those in the know :)

Funny that you should mention Rabbit's lack of understanding of personal space or privacy...:iconkillitplz:

I could certainly see Tyr and Rabbit in the bedroom while Vinnie either goes on a long, LONG walk or just sits sullenly on the roof, checking his phone, wondering how long it'll take for Rabbit to stop getting it on and text him to come back inside.  Or just laying on the couch with a pillow pulled over each of his ears.

Scars in general appeal to me, and I look forward to earning more of them over the course of my life.  I have a few just from living less than safely (read: getting into stupid accidents), but most of my really good ones are self-inflicted.  According to my bf, I have a good many more coming in my future.  :iconembarrasedplz:  I can't wait to see how Jordan gets hers.

Ah, okay.  Well, I'm glad that you already knew, my friend.  ^_^
LJ-Phillips Oct 29, 2013  Professional
Heh, really? Yeah, Rabbit's very bad with that. Yet he's so discreet about his "quiet work" for the Coven, those nasty solo missions involving removal of obstacles (i.e. people) who stand in the way of the Coven's rise to power. He refuses to discuss them even with Jordan or Vinnie and his standard answer about them to Tyr's questions are "I don't remember." Regarding his quiet work, he takes his orders directly from the Director. 

Poor Vinnie. I can just see him mooching around the rooftop, annoyed as hell. Rabbit wouldn't mind getting laid with Vinnie in the other room but I wonder how Tyr would feel about it? He's quite a private person so he might not go along with it. On the other hand, he might see it as a wonderful way to demonstrate that Rabbit is his! Tyr's never really been convinced that Rabbit & Vinnie's relationship was wholly platonic and he gets very jealous :lol:

Scars can be very cool. Me too - while some of my scars have interesting back-story,some are from dumb accidents. Scarification (self-inflicted or otherwise) is cool but please be careful and take the proper health and safety precautions (sorry, I'm a big sister and I tend to slip into that mode ^^; ) Your boyfriend sounds like a really special person :)

And we also need to see how Tyr got his facial scar as well! Out of the four, Vinnie's the only one without scars  (he's never been cut with silver and as a supernatural, other injuries tend to heal up!)

 Sometimes I make mistakes, my friend (and appreciate it when they're brought to my attention) but I do try research to a degree :) 

Huh...entrusting Rabbit with missions that could be summed up as 'I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you'?  I can only imagine that the Director has some...incredible leverage over Rabbit to keep him quiet, and not just quiet from Tyr and Vinnie and Jordan.  Quiet even when he's drunk and has no control over what comes out of his mouth.  Or is he too ashamed and terrified about what he's been made to do to speak about it, thinking that not even his friends will forgive him?

XD  Tyr trying to stake a claim on Rabbit, thinking that Vinnie has dabbled in bisexuality before...THAT I want to see.
Tyr: "So, you've been friend with Rabbit for..."
Vinnie: "Years, yeah.  Since we were kids.  Never thought I'd see him jump in the sack with a stiff-assed prick like you."
Tyr: "Uh-huh...and you've been close to him for years, right?"
Vinnie: "Yes...the fuck you going with this, Tyr?"
Tyr: "How close ARE you, Tom?"
Vinnie: "A hell of a lot closer than you'll ever be, jackass!"

~~Twenty seconds later, after Rabbit runs out of the shower, still nude and covered in soap~~

Rabbit: "Who's a guy gotta fuck to take an uninterrupted shower around here?!?"
Tyr: "You tell me, Bunny...I would have thought me, but-"

Oh, don't worry, I've been doing this on and off for just about five years.  I know where and how to cut to stay safe, and how to wrap up and clean my cuts to keep away infections.  I'm careful about how I decorate myself.  ^_^
LJ-Phillips Nov 1, 2013  Professional
Well, Rabbit tends to take his work very seriously. His quarters are  mess but he always keeps his equipment and weapons in immaculate condition. Rabbit has alot of anger in him and he expresses it very coldly, through his work. That's a side of himself that he accepts but doesn't like. So no, he never mentions his assassin work. During his R & R, it's as if his "quiet work" doesn't exist. He might talk about missions he's done with Jordan or Vinnie but never his solo work. 

Heh, Tyr - he's hardly subtle :) I loved the dialogue - Tyr's utter conviction that there must have been something between Vinnie and Rabbit, Vinnie only making the situation worse. 

Hmm, Rabbit interrupting the two of them arguing while only covered in soap suds!

This sounds like the start of one of Jordan's yaoi fantasies ;)

Oh good, I'm so glad :) Do you go for patterned scarification or just normal scars?
Hmmmm...that makes sense.  Thank you for does sound better for Rabbit to have an outlet for his dark side than for the Director to be blackmailing him.

Chuckles.  I wonder sometimes if Vinnie is the one who will eventually need therapy from being around Tyr and Rabbit and Jordan.  I wouldn't call any one of them particularly sane, but Vinnie seems like the least-traumatized of the bunch.  ^_^  I'm glad that you liked the dialogue...and of course, what good is it if there isn't some part of it that Jordan would want to include in a fantasy?  Mmmmm...Rabbit, soaked to the skin, wearing soap, his tattoos and nothing else...I'd film that.

Ahh, I wish that I could do more complex work on myself, but with my current tools and privacy, I can't do much more than simple lines.  My bf has promised to help me with a few pieces once we're together, as well as tattoos.
LJ-Phillips Nov 1, 2013  Professional
Yep, and you can see a bit of his dark side in the piece I posted today. Rachel, Rabbit's ex, was very...dark in some ways (much more so then Tyr.)For there to have been an attraction Rabbit must have had similar, if repressed, qualities to her.

Vinnie in therapy? :rofl: That made my day! Vinnie's would only agree if the therapist was a woman with good legs (which means Jordan would insist on being present in the sessions. So much for privacy.) The Coven does have a resident therapist but most of the soldiers see him as a bit of a joke. He's always trying to get them to write in dream journals or do art therapy or creative writing sessions. I guess most competent human therapists don't want to go and live on an island of monsters :shrug:

Definitely something to be filmed (as long as Tyr doesn't catch you :lol:)

I'd think that doing complex work would require a second person. Otherwise it's like trying to tattoo oneself. Very difficult. Ah, that sounds good. Always nice to be with someone who shares the same interests :nod: 

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wingsofdragons Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
very sexy
LJ-Phillips Jul 26, 2013  Professional
Thanks :hug:
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