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October 7, 2013
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Aspects 1 - Sugar And Spice by LJ-Phillips Aspects 1 - Sugar And Spice by LJ-Phillips
A concept piece showing showcasing two different aspects of our favorite bisexual Coven assassin.

I intend to do an aspect piece for each of the main characters, showing two different aspects for each. Any thoughts on the Aspects pieces for the other characters?

Rabbit's a very efficient professional killer, working as the Coven assassin, and he handles high pressure missions with focused
composure. He's also a wildly irresponsible party-boy whose free time (at least until he got involved with Tyr) has been a circus of clubbing, heavy drinking and good ol' sins of the flesh. He's had girlfriends and boyfriends. You might find him wearing jeans, military gear or occasionally drag.

But in Rabbit, these traits aren't contradictory - they're complementary :)

Feel free to check out Skins and the lighter companion strip "Under My Skin"

Notes: Rabbit all dolled up is from my It's A Trap contest entry and bloody murderous Rabbit is from Skins Chapter One.
I chose these images because their contrast is very visually striking. As they capture two extremes of his personality ;)

Under My Skin and Skins © and ™ LJ Phillips 2013. Skins and all related characters are copyright and trademarks of LJ Phillips. Any unauthorized use of the characters or concepts here will result in legal action. Of course, if you want to do fan art or write fan fic of the characters, feel free to do so as long as you acknowledge that I own them
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I love this!
but it brings to mind another question
when Rabbit, covered in blood, Mist-steps, does the blood stay on him when he reappears or is it gone like his clothes sometimes?

Tyr: bad ass mofo/tender, nurturing lover

Vinnie: bad ass mofo/protective lover/big brother

Jordan: strict captain/stick out your tongue, little snickering flirt
LJ-Phillips Dec 6, 2013  Professional
Ah, thanks so much! 
It depends. He sometimes leaves his clothes behind because of the weight - it's easier to Mist-Step without extra baggage (although Rabbit can Mist-Step with his gear if he has to - it's just extra work.) But with blood, it weigh nothing so I'm not sure if it would disappear when he Mist-Steps. If it's someone else's blood, it might. But if he's bleeding then no. 

What great suggestions :D Both Vinnie and Tyr do have their tender sides, don't they? And Jordan's playful side is a great idea!
thank you for explaining that

Oh just had a flash of a painting.
Tyr on one side. In his right hand, he holds bloody head that he just tore off of his foe, blood dripping all over his right side, fangs out.
Standing next to him is Rabbit. In his left hand, the remains of his 'hit', blood dripping on his left side, fangs out.
they're looking at each other, all gooey eyed, the sides of their bodies that are touching are clean, at least mostly.
They're like: I'm home honey. How was your day? I love you, sweetie. My day was great. Kiss, kiss
LJ-Phillips Dec 11, 2013  Professional
Always a pleasure :D

What an interesting and startling idea. I can just picture that. The two of them home from a hard day of killing and ready to cuddle.
I'll let that wonderful image you painted with words brew in my head for a while and it may definitely develop into a painting at some point.
Of course, if it does, I'll definitely thank you for the idea in the credits :hug:
sexy rabbit is sexy Eyes
LJ-Phillips Oct 26, 2013  Professional
Ah, thanks! No wonder Tyr is so possessive, right?
you welcome ^^
LJ-Phillips Oct 29, 2013  Professional
Ah, I really do appreciate you taking time to comment and fav :highfive: 
you welcome again X3
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