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I Like Shy Guys by LJ-Phillips

Cal's Birthday falls on July 20th (he turns 23) - So we're having a Birthday contest.

Fanart/fanfic centered around the Cal's birthday. The competition falls into two categories. Fan Art and Fanfic.

Prizes for Fanart and Fanfic Categories:
1st Place - 1 month's Premium membership (per category)
2nd Place - 300 points (per category)
3rd prize: 200 points (per category)

All entries will also get a mention in the 5-7 page birthday comic I'm working on (available for all Patrons) and on the comic website.

Fanart can be:
* An artwork featuring one or more of the Smoke, Fur And Stone characters
*A comic strip featuring one or more of the Smoke, Fur And Stone characters
* Please do NOT include any non-Skins characters (please do not include your OCs in this fanfic.)
* A pairing of two characters (pairing can be canon or non-canon. Yaoi and yuri is welcome. Porn is not allowed! So if you do a porny piece, be prepared to post a "clean version" of it on Deviant Art and put the porny version on say, Tumblr. Oh, and give us a link to it ;) (Wink)

Fanfic must:
* Be at least 1200 - 2000 words (can be longer)
*Feature at least one or more of the Smoke, Fur And Stone characters.
*NOT include any non-Skins characters (please do not include your OCs in this fanfic. We will be holding a "OC meets Skins" contest some time next year.)
*Slash and yaoi/yrui is fine.  If your fic is somewhat erotic, that's fine. But be aware of DA rules and have a "clean" version to post here. You can include post the more explicit version or parts off-site, on say your Adult account. Oh, and give us a link to it ;) (Wink) Abuse of characters or non-con will not be tolerated.
-Create a new piece of Skins fan piece or Skins fan fic (do not submit existing deviations please)
- Include the following disclaimer when you post the work
Smoke, Fur And Stone © and ™ LJ Phillips 2014. All artwork, concepts and related characters are copyright and trademarks of LJ Phillips. Fanart and fanfic is welcome as long as it's non-profit and includes a disclaimer. 
- No AU (alternative universe) pieces - must be set in the canon Smoke, Fur And Stone universe.
- You submit the artwork or fanfic by submitting it to the Birthday contest folder in Skins Army :iconskins-army:and sending me a link to the work via note.

- Deadline August 30th. Winners will be announced Sept 10th.
Smoke, Fur And Stone © and ™ LJ Phillips 2014. All artwork, concepts and related characters are copyright and trademarks of LJ Phillips. Any unauthorized use of the characters or concepts here will result in legal action. Of course, if you want to do fan art or write fan fic of the characters, feel free to do so as long as you acknowledge that I own them and it's non-profit :) (Smile)

In other news, our drunk Quartz fanfic challenge ends today. Thank you to all the talented contributors. 

A fun and flirty gender-bender fic by bbb35 
QuarryCaliban hadn't expected to see Quarry at Loyd's bar, she preferred to go there with others; like the few friends she made at the coven. To see her alone at the bar, and at this time of night was unusual. As it was he was slightly concerned.....and not just because she had kissed him before, not that it wasn't a good kiss. It was a great fact, the only kiss he'd had that wasn't his sister or mother. Not that either had kissed him QUITE like that.
She had immediately pressed herself against him, her breasts flat against his chest; not that she was flat. No, she had ample boobage and not over sized, no, just the right size, and until now he thought Gargoyles would feel like rocks all over. But her boobs were...well, soft...and Firm.
She had her claws at the back of his head holding him tight, as she sealed her lips against his, sighing and moaning. It was so unexpected...he thought she was a lesbian! He had heard it from the other Skins, most of the Ga

A delightfully humorous piece by redshasta (And it includes a lovely sketch of our two boys.)
Counting Stars 
That one ish.. ish... Pegashush.  The winged horshe.
Lot of work catchin' that one, flyboy, even for you.  Better stick to horses that don' fly, you want dinner on the table by six.
No!  No, thish wash a shpeshul horshe.
It spit-roasted itself?  Damn, they're good when you can get a fire pit big enou-
No!  It fought 'longshide our people in th' warz of antiquity.
Uh, anti-qui-ty?
Long ago.
Sho, you shee... itsh a horshe.
Naw, see, that's the constellation of the Buck.  You see the three Skins chasin' 'im?
Now theresh Aquila.  The Eagle.  Those're the tipsh of hish wingsh.  Th' Eagle guided our peoplesh to the aeriesh and taught ush how to shurvive on th' peaksh.
Not a fan of those things. Feathers in th' teeth; it's awful.  
All right, all right, look here.  Th' Dragon.  Th' Dragon ushed to rule the flying peoplesh until it became fatigued 'n turned into a conshtellashun.
Uh, right.  You know, I've

An amusing but poignant tale by Animaid101 It explores the bond between Quartz and his twin brother
Quartz - Drunk Like a Drunk DuckQuartz looked sadly at his glass. It has been quite a while since he sat down on the bar and started to drink. He had no certain reason for that, yet he felt like it was the only thing he could do. Considering the circumstances, that is...
"Quartz? Is that you?"
He didn't even look up at the familiar voice.
"Just leave me alone, Sed!"
"Aww, come on, bro! That's not very nice of you."
"Nice is the least I feel this evening, so go away, please!"
Sed examined his brother. Except some minor distinctions, just known to them, they resembled each other pretty well. Not much of a surprise, considering they were twins.
"Hey, aren't you supposed to be the better half of us? What's bugging you?"
"I guess I'm done with being the better part."
Now Sed really grew concerned. He took the seat next to Quartz.
"Is it... hrm, because of the Sergeant's nephew?"
Sed smirked.
"It was but a one-night-stand, you know, nothing special, we didn't even..."
"SHUT it!" Quartz jumped out of his seat and trie

Not part of the Quartz challenge but still worth a look :

Obey Your Captain by prettypinkstockings 
Obey Your Captain by prettypinkstockings 

Vinnie-Genderbent by FreakieGeekie
 Vinnie -genderbent- by FreakieGeekie


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I'm a graphic designer and illustrator who has participated in numerous exhibitions and projects, both local and overseas and I've had three solo exhibitions. I've worked on and off in indie comics since 2009. My work is mostly digitally painted but occasionally blends painting and photographic techniques.

My print comics, Ministry and Alpha, have positively reviewed by sites as varied as Altern8, Fanboy Reviews and Comic Alliance

You can read the Smoke, Fur And Stone webcomic here smokefurandstone.thecomicserie…
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