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Cast of Smoke, Fur And Stone (in order of appearance)

Cal Deadfall

Cal is the youngest member of the Dog Squad, the island's security force. Raised in a rural Skins territory, he's both naive and immature. Cal desperately wants to fit in with his fellow Dog Squad members but finds himself being treated like the runt of the litter.
Race: Skin (a race of feral shifters. Basically werewolves/werebeasts) Cal is one of the Yellow-Eye subgroup of Skins. So his animal form is wolf-like.
Relationship status: Currently single. 

Skoll Wynterfloe
Skoll is a veteran member of the Dog Squad. Combative and bigoted, he is nonetheless a very competent soldier. 
Race: Skin. Skoll is a Blue-Eye Skin, a Skins subgroup larger then their Yellow-Eye cousins. 
Relationship status: Married to an equally bigoted wife.

Dolph Blackriver

Dolph (Tyr's Second in command) chooses to remain in his large Second (wolfman) form permanently. No one has even seen his more human form. He's calm, reasonable and respected by all the squad.
Race: Skin
Relationship status: A player. Dolph is a bit of a ladykiller - they just can't resist the fur!

Captain Tyr Coven

As a cub, Tyr was taken in and raised by Coven. He's a formidable and stern Alpha Skin, as controlled as Vinnie is feral. The only people to see his softer side are his best friend Jordan and his lover, Rabbit. Tyr currently leads the Dog Squad, the island's security force. 
Race: Skin. However, Tyr uses large amounts of suppressants to keep himself looking human and prevent himself ever shifting to animal form. 
Relationship status: Bisexual. Kinky. Currently in a monogamous committed relationship with Rabbit.  


The Coven means more than risking your life, it sometimes means risking your soul and Rabbit is determined to make his free time party time in which he gets the most out of life.
Race: A Smoke (a member of a vampiric race that drinks the breath of the dying and can travel as Smoke.)
Relationship status:  Rabbit is pansexual and likes dominant partners - he's currently involved with the man of his dreams, Captain Tyr and dreaming of wedding bells. 

Quartz Stonehaven

Quartz is a Flyer, one of the elite of supernatural mercenaries. Because of their high mortality rate, experienced Flyers are in high demand. Quartz is intelligent, responsible and driven. He comes from a culture where same-sex relationships are considered perfectly normal and carry no social stigma.
Race: Gargoyle. 
Relationship status: Gay. Single. Searching for love. 

Captain Jordan Lee 

Jordan has no memory of her parents. As a child, she was used as psychic guinea pig by an illegal occult lab before being taken in by the Coven. Jordan's strong will is matched by her formidable psychic powers. Unlike a lot of psychics, she is very moral and never even tries to read other people's minds without their permission. Except when she's playing poker.
Race: Human but with occult and psychic ablities.Telepath. Limited precognitive abilities. Able to work occult technology and perform occult rituals.
Relationship status: Practically married to Vinnie. 

Vinegar (‘CALL ME VINNIE’) Tom Goudveldt

Vinegar Tom is a pretty decent person. Well, at least as decent as someone who was orphaned in the long conflict between supernaturals and humans can be. Unlike many of the killers created in that time, Vinnie has a moral code. He's never harmed any women or kids and even took an abandoned Smoke kid under his wing. Guess who that turned out to be? Brutal to his enemies and protective of his friends, Vinnie is someone you want to have at your side and not at your throat.
Race: Skin. 
Relationship status: In a long-term relationship with his heart-mate Jordan. 

Gray Cohn

Rabbit's half sister. Gray has kept the last name of her beloved human mother. Gray's mother was a women of strength and intelligence. After Rabbit's mother fell into a depression when their Smoke lover was driven from the city during the war, Gray's mother offered to look after Rabbit if she couldn't cope. Rabbit's mother refused the offer and then abandoned him two months later.
Race: Smoke
Relationship: In an open relationship with a gender-bending shapeshifter.


Little is known about the Coven's mysterious masked barkeep. He simply appeared one day and opened his bar.  Although he offers his patrons the occasional word of support, he's also not above causing trouble with a well-placed comment. His real face is always hidden by a series of ever-changing masks.
Race: ???
Relationship Status: ???

Rachel De Morgan

Rachel previously held the post of Coven Magus, leader of the Coven psychics. She also acted as a Mentor (a psychic counsellor) to Jordan, Tyr and Rabbit when they were rookies. Despite being nearly double his age at the time, she seduced Rabbit back when he was in his late teens. Neither he nor the Coven has fairly recovered from her defection to a rival occult agency over six years ago. 
Race: Human but a very power psychic. Can transmute living tissue. 
Relationship Status: Unknown. Sexual orientation -carnivorous. Rachel is straight but had a couple of two-girl threesomes with Rabbit. In bed, she sometimes blurs the line between dominance and near-abuse. 

The Cybel

The previous Coven Assassin and the man who trained Rabbit to replace him. Cold with little interest in the conflict between humans and supernaturals, The Cybel is a near-perfect instrument of death. His current location is unknown.
Race: An extremely old Smoke. 
Relationship Status: Claims to be dead to all feelings and desire. However, there are rumors of a family, long dead. 

Notes: Most supernaturals take their last name from their homeland or territory. Smokes usually take the last name of their human parent. Rabbit was abandoned by his human mother as a very young child and claims to have forgotten his last name.

Smoke, Fur And Stone © and ™ LJ Phillips 2014. All artwork, concepts and related characters are copyright and trademarks of LJ Phillips. Any unauthorized use of the characters or concepts here will result in legal action. Of course if you want to do fanfic or fanart, feel free as long as it's non-profit and you acknowledge I own the characters :)


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